Bovi-Ade (5oz Liquid Concentrate)

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Electrolytes play a critical role in allowing the animal to perform
at its' best. Muscle hydration is paramount in achieving maximum
nerve-signal relay and function which translates to proper fast-twitch
muscle activation. Adding electrolytes to your nutritional program 
maintains this critical balance during strenuous activity and can add
a new dimension to your bovine's over-all ability to perform.

Bovi-Ade Electrolytes
• Keeps cattle drinking on the road
• Rehydrates for faster recovery
• Decreases fatigue & impaired performance
• Improves reaction time
• Improves fast twitch muscle response
• Prevents blood thickening
• Decreases blood volume loss
• Decreases symptoms of heat stress
• Highly palatable for rapid absorption




Daily Dosage:
Mix (1) oz Bovi-Ade per 3 gallons fresh water (1 oz = 1 full pump stroke)
• Double dosage in excessive heat

Drench: Mix (1) oz Bovi-Ade to(1) gallon fresh water.

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