DeStress Plus+ (PumpIt Applicator)

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I caught a set of calves one morning that had not been messed with much, sorted the handful I was bucking that day and they were sure freaking out, typical calves. I fed them a little feed and 10cc of D-Stress Plus per head squirted on top of the feed and left. I came back a a few hours later, loaded and headed to buck that set of calves. They were mellowed out, heads down, paying attention. All the calves handled and were pleasant to be around. They all dang sure fired too!

Kyle Lippincott
Rafter KL Bucking Bulls

I love the TwoBulls de-stress plus..  My son has 3 show hogs and a steer this year..I help him out at times when he needs me to.. The steer he has this year will not let me touch him at all.  He will let my son do anything he wants to him... I got the De-stress plus and decided to try it without my son around... I gave him a dose around 9am and left him until 12pm.. When I came back I walked into the pen with his halter and he allowed me to walk straight to him and put it on him... I then walked him to the wash rack and washed and dried him.  He never acted drugged but allowed me to do anything that I needed to do to him and did not try to hurt me like he had always done before..  I have also used this on 2 of the 3 hogs... I say that 1 of them acts like a very spastic child.  After giving the dose to this hog my son was able to walk him around the arena and he was very calm.. The 2nd hog acts very scared.. He took a very long time to allow us to touch him.. He would jump any time you would try to touch him and did not want to leave his pen for any reason. He would stay in the corner when he was being fed and wait till you walked out before going to his feeder.  After starting with De-stress plus he now is very friendly and will allow us to do anything we need to do with him.. I really like the pump that is sold with it.. Makes it very easy to measure and either put on food or directly in the mouth of the animal.. I am very
happy with the results of this product and highly recommend it to anyone having any kind of issues with 
their animals..

Kristy Howard




Original Destress Destress Plus Comments
  • Product Separated
  • Inconsistent Solution
  • Inconsistent Coloration
  • Dosages varied
  • Inconsistent results
  • Doesn’t Separate
  • Consistent Solution
  • Consistent Coloration
  • Consistent Dosage
  • Consistent Result
  • Separated product can result in inconsistent results due to an inconsistent solution requiring shaking each time.
  • Consistent solution provides consistent results, with consistent dosage.


Less Concentrated:

  • 8.45 mg/ml Theanine
  • 25 mg/ml Thiamine
  • No Niacin


Highly Concentrated:


  • 40 mg/ml Theanine
  • 50mg/ml Thiamine
  • 10mg/ml Niacin
Increased concentration provides for more efficient doses for livestock and animals under stress inducing conditions.
Small measuring reservoir, not handy for pulling precise dosage in syringe for drenching

Pump-It measuring and 
delivery device. 

Calibrated for 1-10 ml dose

The Pump-It is an application device that attaches to bottle for easy precise dosing. Easier to orally drench animals.

  Tested by the Texas A&M Veterinary Medical 
Diagnostic Laboratory
DeStress Plus tested safe for use in all exhibition and performance livestock.  (Will not Test)

8 oz. bottle
$40.00 - $42.50 Bottle
$5.00 - $5.31 @ oz.

10 oz. bottle
$42.00 Bottle
$4.20 @ oz.


More cost effective price per dose.


Oral Pump-It Features:



  • Fixed Dose, automatic delivery (10 ml) (1 full pump)

  • Calibrated to deliver accurate doses 1 – 10 ml

  • Threaded bottle mount

  • “No Mess” application of fluids

  • Disassembles for easy cleaning

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