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We have a berk that is very wild, runs off, doesn’t listen and my daughter tried to show her and it was a mess. I ordered some twobulls as it was recommended to me off the Texas show pigs page. Immediately we noticed a difference. We drenched her when its show day she continued to eat and drink the electrolytes we gave her(like normal). When it was her time to show, she was so pretty and calm. Her and my daughter made one heck of a team! She has placed every other show since giving twobulls. I have recommended this product to everybody who says their pig is wild or doesn’t want to listen.

Amanda Hawkins

While on the phone tonight Jim D. McLain Jr I was asked to share our experience with TwoBulls De-Stress plus.. so last year while earl and I were in Vegas Jim caught up with us we talked a bit and he then handed us two products.. a tube of TwoBulls sports cream and a bottle of TwoBulls de-stress plus... I used the cram in Vegas because my feet and back we killing me.. within 10 min of rubbing the sports cream on my feet and knee and back I was pain free. (AMAZING)... we brought the de -stress home and I started it on our show pigs.. They went from not focusing during walking to complete focus stayed on feed all threw the show season and during our travel to Houston. They did amazing during the trip. They stayed focused and on feed at the show... que in this year... my oldest wanted a show steer.. he was green to say the least... after unloading him I put in his feed the de-stress... that afternoon we tied him up to the inner tube. He received de-stress on his feed the whole time we halter broke.. by day two Evan was walking him this calf did not act like a fool. He was calm cool and collected.. now we have pigs again.. we have a spot that does not like to be by himself... started on de-stress and he’s walking much better and eating like he should.. I have had steer friends ask me how we got our steer walking with in 2 days... well the answer is de-stress plus. It’s on our show box. And will for ever stay there. Thank you!

Joeleen Barnes-Westbrook

Destress is the bomb.!!!!! I have a testimony to share. Barrel horse troubles are gone. Ok starts with me buying a seasoned barrel horse Feb 2019. I bought this amazing athlete hoping to step up my game and be competitive again. After doing everything health wise to make sure this horse's gut is healthy, chiropractor, feet all the essentials. I start racing. I'm cruzing runs and I'm figuring this horse out, timing etc. Well along the way April comes around, I race 3 days in a row. Behavior issues start to surface. I'm well aware of ulcers etc. He's been treated and on prevention. I promise he's healthy. So all the out of control things that a powerhouse can dish out, he's dishing it out to me. I'm trying to do my due Diligence and drills, things to keep from getting upset. I tried a lot of things, supplements, and cbd oil, this went on another several months. I was just getting by with him. The game changer was a post several months back on FB from newly married Haley Proctor. She tried this product De Stress. She said her mare couldn't compete in the trick riding anymore UNTIL SHE TRIED DESRESS!! I thought hmmm, I'll try it. I ordered and Jim D. Jr McLain has been fantastic with helping me figure out my horses dose, how it works. WELL IT WORKS FOLKS!!! Each time I've dosed him for upcoming races, he does. Better and better! He's clocking and thinking, he fires, but he's not acting out of control. This product has allowed this horse to work and think! I take it too, and I'm laser focused, no butterflies in my tummy. I even ride better!!! We've had some of our greatest runs on this product! 7 races later and he's running in the 1D against some bad ass competition, and we're just getting started. If you've lost hope and nothing is working and your horse is wound up, acting out, , rearing, lunging, pawing, acting out etc. #1 make sure to cover your bases on that horses body health, soundness etc inside and out. But after that.....buy some of the Destress. Consult with Jim for doses etc. And read his site on how it works. It’s truly amazing and I can't wait to see this horse soar!!! Thank you Jim for all. Your help, this product has revealed to me what this horse needed all along. OH AND EVERYONE THIS IS FOR CATTLE, PIGS ETC. I challenge you to try it consistently and dose correctly and give it a few runs. The horse needs to feel the difference too. He used to paw, dance, not eat, not drink, and cry etc. at the trailer. No more...he takes naps, he's relaxed, until it's time to go. I've begun to trust him now and man what a difference. If you're looking for that help and you don’t know what to try next. Look no further!

Mary Yates

This was my son Carson’s 1st year showing at our county Fair. He had a York barrow that was very challenging. He was difficult from the beginning and we could not stop him from running and he got very irritated with constant head carriage training. With 30 days until the fair we were desperate to fix the situation. At that point we decided to try some 2 Bulls Destress from Tracy. With Carson’s hard work with this barrow and the use of this product our goals were finally met. Thank you Tracy, without this product we would not have had the success we did. I use and recommend 2 Bulls Destress!

Adam Mendonza

I used your product on one of show pigs for the first time this weekend. I’m officially a full believer in your product, which says a lot because I’m always very skeptical of these types of things. My daughter has a gilt that walks and handles beautifully at home when training, and even around the show grounds when we hauled her to jackpots. But the second she set foot in the show ring she would completely stress out and not cooperate. She would just stand still and start squealing. She seriously had stage freight. This weekend we used TwoBulls, again being very skeptical, but she drove like a champ and never got anxious or stressed. We will never leave home without and it will always be in our show box. Thank you for this amazing product!

Karen Hodges Stafford

Used this product last weekend on a steer who is just a little to “playful” we were all surprised and loved his attitude with this. He was alert had energy but was respectful and would listen. Tracy was extremely helpful explaining how it worked in their system and also with some real life testimonies as well. We will be using this again! Thank you TwoBulls & Tracy

Jessica Hoyt

I caught a set of calves one morning that had not been messed with much, sorted the handful I was bucking that day and they were sure freaking out, typical calves. I fed them a little feed and 10cc of D-Stress Plus per head squirted on top of the feed and left. I came back a a few hours later, loaded and headed to buck that set of calves. They were mellowed out, heads down, paying attention. All the calves handled and were pleasant to be around. They all dang sure fired too!

Kyle Lippincott
Rafter KL Bucking Bulls

I love the TwoBulls de-stress plus.. My son has 3 show hogs and a steer this year..I help him out at times when he needs me to.. The steer he has this year will not let me touch him at all. He will let my son do anything he wants to him... I got the De-stress plus and decided to try it without my son around... I gave him a dose around 9am and left him until 12pm.. When I came back I walked into the pen with his halter and he allowed me to walk straight to him and put it on him... I then walked him to the wash rack and washed and dried him. He never acted drugged but allowed me to do anything that I needed to do to him and did not try to hurt me like he had always done before.. I have also used this on 2 of the 3 hogs... I say that 1 of them acts like a very spastic child. After giving the dose to this hog my son was able to walk him around the arena and he was very calm.. The 2nd hog acts very scared.. He took a very long time to allow us to touch him.. He would jump any time you would try to touch him and did not want to leave his pen for any reason. He would stay in the corner when he was being fed and wait till you walked out before going to his feeder. After starting with De-stress plus he now is very friendly and will allow us to do anything we need to do with him.. I really like the pump that is sold with it.. Makes it very easy to measure and either put on food or directly in the mouth of the animal.. I am very happy with the results of this product and highly recommend it to anyone having any kind of issues with their animals..

Kristy Howard